The ultimate tip to survive ' apocalypse

You think you know ', right? These slow folks wander around and want to eat your brain. Sure, they’re creepy, but it’s easy to escape from them, isn’t it?

Well. It would be, if we hadn’t developed Charge the ' But now you’ll have to face the quick, well-armed and inventive living dead. They’ll shoot you, they’ll fire rockets and they’ll use otherworldly powers.

This cartoony army of darkness wants to override your House. How can you help it? Warm up your fingers and start zapping! The lightning rod on your House can cast powerful electrical shards, but it consumes tons of energy. Solution? Upgrade Energy recovering speed, if you love your brain.

You think that the lightning rod isn’t the ultimate weapon? Purchase a new one, smarty pants. You can get Toxic mines, Airstrike, Death ray and more, but it’s not that simple. You’ll only get a limited amount of rewards at the end of the round. So choose wisely, and you’d better think of a solid strategy f developing the vital skills.

Let’s check how many rounds you’ll survive. Download Charge the ' for your iPhone or iPad. Share your results and brag to us on Twitter and Facebook!